About Moody Motorz




My name is Kevin Enright. I started Moody Motorz in 2012 on eBay.
My goal remains the same - to be the finest merchandise / gift ware seller out there, and its going alright!


A keyring, magnet or a drink coaster might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, I'll give you that, but when done properly, and personally the response is always great news! throughout the last 6 years its been an absolute pleasure to offer items up for sale which make people smile!


My story so far...


So, I was in employment in the motor trade as a partsman / storeman, and the job of "eBay" was, shall I say "forced" upon me. After logging in and seeing how it worked it was love at first sight... An odd thing to say but I couldn't get over how much fun it was, how much I enjoyed it, every part of it.


Almost instantly, I couldn't shake the feeling of "I must be able to do something for myself instead" and going by the "stick to what you know" rule I got involved with Koolart, a vehicle caricature art company. I'm handy on a PC with Photoshop / design and I like cars - it was perfect.


Soon, I had 1000s of designs and products, started up on Amazon, got a part time job to focus more on my project and 9 months later I began out on my own, full time, self employed and a little bit terrified, but buzzing at the same time! The rest is history!


Moody Motorz is still essentially a one man band. Although from time to time I have a helping hand from my lovely wife, friends and family. I have so many people to thank over the years!


I am the eldest of 5, my 3 Brothers and Sisters are a great help - they always help me test stuff, they make sure it works for you guys and more importantly are honest too! One of which, Robert, is an author, his assistance with grammar and spellnig is mcuh appreaicdte, along with social media advice. Another goes by the name of Ant, AKA Windybeard - his skills with a pen are phenomenal, I am proud to be able to dedicate an entire section for his merchandise - check them both out on the associates page!




My wife and I recently bought a house (bigger office and all that) and its time to get a little more serious, as I believe Moody Motorz needs to. I pledged (to the wife at least) this year 2018 is going to be the biggest expansion I've had ever, not gradual pigeon steps like the past years, but a running jump!


A lot of things I previously convinced myself I didn't have time for, like a website, social media and looking to get other people involved has changed. Again, I have my family to thank for their persistent encouragement.



 feedback numbers / ratings as of 27/02/2018, they will change.

Above are my 3 stores I have built up over the years, feel free to google them up, I hope these will install bundles of confidence should you be thinking "not another dodgy website". I maintain the highest standards, always. eBay top rated the day it was introduced, Amazon buy box and seasonal seller every year, Etsy is the newer offering and time has been against me so far in its development. I also have Not In The High Street in my sights, 5 online stores is what I am aiming for!


The Future?


To be better than ever, to offer more choice, to continue giving an excellent online shopping experience to everyone who visits Moody Motorz. Its an exciting time for me personally as these big changes makes life all that more interesting - I'd also like to venture in acquiring addition licences, like Koolart, and offering my products to a wider audience - who knows what will happen? I love a challenge!


Please do get in touch, I'd love to hear from you! Check out the Contact Us page for all ways in which to do so, email, mobile, messenger, follow on social media for all sorts of information and offers to come!


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the rest of the Moody Motorz website and also hope you find something you like!



Last updated - March 9th 2018 at 9:15pm