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This product detail page is all about one thing - the quality of the products I offer up for sale. I have broke it up into two sections, first section "The Prints" and second "The Products". My objective, or mission if you like is to produce the highest quality gift ware of its kind available online. Please take a few moments to read down the page to see what its all about.


"The Prints"


This first section is all about how good the graphic print is on your chosen product. Although this only shows the keyring product (I do a number of different items) The keyrings are the smallest and the print really does need to be as sharp and as colourful as possible. I do not use a standard "for the home" printer, I use a dye-sublimation printing digital graphics printer. I have made up 4 demo keyrings, ones I do not sell (apart from the dart board) but the chosen images are just to show the detail. Below are some photos I have taken of them, and have not been edited what so ever (apart from resized to fit) I use a Nikon Coolpix L820 16.0 Megapixel Macro Shot Special camera, but even that struggles to capture the detail!


Demo 1, the iPhone Test



The first demo I would like to show involves my double sided chrome rectangle keyring with the graphics from my (now old) iPhone. All I did was screen shot the home screen on my phone (hold bottom button and press hold, a trick we all discover by mistake i'm sure!) and sent the picture to myself, resized it and made it into a keyring. Then took a photo of them both side by side.



Even up this close to the keyring, the App names are still visible. The colours are amazing, please bear in mind that the keyring in this photo, the print is only 25mm x 39mm.


Demo 2, Planet Earth



For the second demo I used my double sided chrome circle keyring. The use of the five pence coin gives an even greater indication to their actual size. Even tiny countries and islands are clearly visible with no blurring or pixelating at all.



This is as close as I could get whilst remaining in focus, the picture is as clear as the specks of dust! This keyring has a graphic print diameter of 33mm.


Demo 3, Central London



For the third demo I used one of my leather rectangle keyrings. Proved quite tricky even with a powerful camera to capture the detail on this print. I took a section of the map of London from Google maps, strange thing is, it is actually possible to navigate the streets which are visible! Main road names as well! Again, the five pence coins helps with the "How big is it" question.



A couple of extreme close ups on the map. Very hard to photograph but hopefully you can see just how well these turn out. Even better to the naked eye.


Demo 4, on Hundred and EIGHTY!



The forth and final demo, the smallest keyring I do. The leather circle keyring. I chose a dart board for this one, the numbers are clearly visible and the colours are great! Again, with the five pence coin. The graphics on this print measure a mere 25mm and still look great!


Hopefully, the pictures above have shown and explained exactly what you get for your money. Any questions, comments or feedback i'm always glad to answer or hear it. contact details at the very bottom of this page, or all over the website.



"The Products"


I currently offer several different products, all of which can be totally personalised. I have 8 different types of keyrings, 2 types of fridge magnet, a beautiful glass coaster complete with a gift box and also giant A3 and A2 prints which I can supply in poster tubes or in quality wooden frames.


This second section goes into a little more detail about each one, and as I add more products to the website I will update this page.


1. Keyring, Double Sided Chrome Keyring.






Not too big but not too small. This is the first keyring I began to use actually. Whats superb about this keyring is that it is double sided. You can either have the same picture on both sides or two completely different pictures, allowing for a double personalised keyring! One other thing, it spins!


2. Keyring, Leather & Chrome Rectangle.






Although it appears bigger than the chrome rectangle keyring above, they both take the same size print. This is single sided, such a quality feel and look about it, you would not be disappointed with one of these. It is also worth pointing out that this is not genuine leather, but a very good imitation "faux" leather.


3. Keyring, Double Sided Chrome Circle.






Like the chrome rectangle keyring this is double sided allowing for the same picture on both sides or two different pictures. the chromed edge has a nice bevel / roundness to it. An excellent choice!


4. Keyring, Leather & Chrome Circle.






Due to it being the smallest in regards to the graphic print size (only 26mm) I wasn't able to do this before I got the printer I use, but now its no problem! The dart board section above will show you that. Single sided but in the same style as the leather rectangle keyring above. Very popular this one has been so far.


5. Keyring, Leather & Chrome Square.





Small, like the leather and chrome circle keyring. Mainly used in our personalised motorbike numberplate keyrings! A great choice if you havn't got much room left on the key chain!


6. Keyring, Extra Long Leather & Chrome Rectangle.





Nice and chunky! A great keyring to have a name, or word personalised onto it. This keyring (and the chrome version below) are a popular choice when it comes to getting a personalised keyring.


7. Keyring, Extra Long Double Sided Chrome Rectangle.





Easily the most popular choice when it comes to a custom made keyring. It has a slight Bezel / curve to its design and it is nice and light. Perfect for the number plate section, front white, rear yellow - you'll love this one!


8. Keyring, Large Double Sided Metal keyring with Gift Box.





The biggest and baddest keyring of the bunch. Used mainly for the Koolart images we use in store but great as a photo / passport keyring to. Picture on both sides and (obviously) comes with a nice presentation box. 


9. Fridge Magnet, Rectangle.





An original member of the products when we started! The rectangle magnet has nice smooth edges and can be made into a great piece of art for the fridge, either horizontally or vertically. Used throughout the website, great price too!


10. Fridge Magnet, Circle.






The other magnet to the rectangle, the circle. Nice and chunky, smooth and rounded. looks superb on the fridge with very little if any edge showing once it has been made with your image. Nice strong magnet on the reverse side too, will hold paper and notes to a metal surface.


11. Premium Glass Table Coaster with Gift Box





The newest member to the Moody Motorz product list (and already my personal favourite!) Nice thick glass, quality feel to it with a complete non-slip base. Perfect gift for someone as it comes with a great presentation box. A must have item this one!


12. A3 & A2 Size Wooden Framed Artwork





Beautifully made, non-glass frames (safer in the post!) The poster prints we can do look stunning framed! Available in two sizes, A3 and A2. Would brighten up any wall!


13. A3 & A2 Size Prints, with Poster Tubes



Just the one picture to show for this, blank poster paper and card tubes are not the most interesting to look at! Awesome prints sent in tubes, two sizes available A3 and A2, at a great price!


Thank you for taking the time to look through this page, and good on ya if you read it all! Please feel free to get in touch about my products.



Thank you, hope you enjoy the rest of the Moody Motorz website and also hope you find something you like!


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